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GV Softtech delivers to you the competitive technology-driven edge that you seek to succeed in this ever-changing publishing landscape. From our project management platform, the Publisher Assistant, to our well-integrated production automation system, leverage our flexible services and solutions across all publishing needs .

Meet your Publisher Assistant

Publisher Assistant from GV Softtech Simplify Your Publishing Experience with Publisher Assistant - a Transparent , Collaborative, and Efficient Project Management Platform

Publishing Stages

Streamline your publishing process with effortless automation and customization through GV Softtech's Publisher Assistant.This integrated project management and production automation platform effectively organizes every publishing stage through a simple 6-step process of:


Project Management Services Delivering the end-to-end capabilities from full service to total service project management from author, client and schedule management to quality and cost management



Content Services Complete package of editorial services, from automated and semi-automated pre-editing, technical editing, copyediting and language editing to bibliography structuring



Design Services Delivering a wide spectrum of design and composition services from completely automated services for books and journals to customized typesetting for magazines and catalogs



Author/Editor Proofing Services Simplifying the entire process of proof review, query clarification, and correction incorporation through accurate and quality-driven automation



Content Dissemination Services Deliver an extensive range of content outputs across publishing channels from eBooks to HTML5 and accessible publishing



Digital Transformation Services Enabling effortless digital transformation from PDF to any format to creating ONIX XML formats through entirely automated conversion processes


Services from GV Softtech

Digital Transformation Services

Enabling effortless digital transformation through automated data conversion, digital asset management and distribution lets include eBooks reflowable and fixed layout ePub, JATS / BITS XML conversion, lets include accessibility solutions here

Content Services

Complete package of editorial services, from automated and semi-automated copyediting to bibliography structuring

Design Services

Delivering a wide spectrum of design and composition services from completely automated to customized typesetting LaTeX, InDesign and 3B2 Pagination

QA Services

Providing quality as service for publisher, post publication quality check, pre publication quality check, full text and meta data quality check

Solutions from GV Softtech

Production Automation System Portal

A comprehensive production portal across journals, books, higher education academic books, catalogs, and magazines, from artwork management to template design – consist of automated copyediting, pagination and eBook systems

Software Development Solutions

Support your publishing process with a robust backbone of technology through GV Softtech’s software development solutions

What Makes GV Softtech Unique?

Scalable and time-focused solutions

Our solutions and services are designed to scale up effectively to meet the changing needs of the "right here, right now" publishing landscape.


Strong technology backbone

Our core technology partners deliver to us the power of AI- and deep learning-driven content and data management solutions across products.


Our 300+ talent pool

Our operational strength of more than 300 employees with extensive industry expertise and understanding of the publishing landscape.



Our integrated solutions, from Publishing Assistant to our Production Automation System Portal deliver real-time visibility across devices.



The consistency of our output - from quality to turnaround time - across all our products makes us a reliable publishing partner.


Focus on user experience

The services and solutions we deliver place user experience as top priority, not just meeting but exceeding client expectations.


Our Client And Partners


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